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Welcome to Eskimo Joe's where we've been "puttin' on a smile" for every guest since July 21, 1975. We hope you'll have so much fun that you'll leave grinnin' as big as Eskimo Joe himself! We truly appreciate every opportunity to serve our guests, so come in and make yourself at home and enjoy the old-fashioned goodness of our home-style cookin', and the heart-felt hospitality of our home team.



From the beginning, Eskimo Joe's approach to creating remarkable meals for our guests started with fresh. Fresh lean ground beef, fresh cut-in-our-kitchen potatoes, garden-fresh vegetables and produce sliced fresh, that's how we start our day. "Keep it simple, make it from scratch and refuse to do anything that we can't do exceedingly well." That's how our menu got started in 1984 and every day since!



Today, the menu has expanded significantly, but the principles have remained the same. Start with the freshest and best quality ingredients, make it from scratch so that it's our very own, treat folks so well they can't believe it and we've got a chance to be successful and to be proud of what we do...we want you to have a great meal and a really good time!

Here at Eskimo Joe's, we are commited to excellence and guarantee every meal and every T-shirt 100% every time! Although we may look different on the outside, we are still commited to serving up great food, great drinks & a great time when you step through the door. Our motto is, "To delight every guest by giving my best." We continue to keep service at the forefront of our operation and strive to work hard every day to ensure guests of all ages have a great time with us! We are proud to call Stillwater, OK our home and proud to serve every guest to our very best.